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J&J Excavating & Materials produces and sells various types of sand, gravel, & base materials. With over 30 different types of material, we make sure to keep everything in stock and ready to be picked up or delivered. We have multiple limestone, caliche, sandy loam/top soil & sand pits throughout the area. Give us a call for prices on materials and delivery.

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Materials in Stock, Including:

  • Crushed Limestone Base

  • Caliche & Caliche Gravel

  • Various Crushed Gravels

  • Various River Gravels

  • Pit Run Sand

  • Various Washed Sands

  • Various Bull Rock/ Rop Rap

  • Sandy Load/ Top Soil

  • Various Fill Materials

  • Asphalt

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  • PB4 & PB5

  • Trap Rock

  • Landscaping Rock

  • Baseball Field Clay